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Industrial Process Heaters

Liberty Electric Products can supply all types of industrial process electric heating equipment with our factory-direct knowledge of electric heating elements, systems, sensors, and controls. By providing direct technical assistance for existing and new manufacturing processes, thermal heating systems integration, and focusing on the heating, sensing, switching, and controlling for your manufacturing process.

From standard pipe thread immersion heaters, to complete heat transfer systems, to skid mounted circulation heaters, we have the application expertise and product offerings to help with your tough applications. Our industrial process heaters are designed to specifically meet the process requirements of each customer. Each unit is designed to meet the customer's specific process flow conditions, temperature rise requirements, and desired thermal efficiency. This includes providing various specified instrumentation and control devices for each application.

Along with these products, we also offer heat trace systems, valve covers and other products to help in temperature maintenance in any industrial process.

Engineered for Heavy Duty Use

All of our products are specifically engineered for heavy-duty use in industrial environments such as mines, pulp & paper mills, power plants, food processing facilities, maintenance shops, wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, and more.

We can help you identify and specify the correct heating solution using:

Product Specific Data Sheets

Circulation Heater
Specification Data Sheet

Circulation Heater Specification Data Sheet

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Screw Plug
Specification Data Sheet

Immersion Heater Screw Plug Specification Data Sheet

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Immersion Heater
Specification Data Sheet

Immersion Heater Specification Data Sheet

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Circulation & Immersion Heaters

Circulation heaters are packaged units consisting of a screw plug or flanged immersion heater mounted in a thermally insulated heating chamber for efficient heating of a flowing medium by in-line or side-arm operation. We have many stocked items and custom configurations to select from with many terminal enclosures, sheath and vessel materials, flanged connections, and controls.

Circulation Heaters
Circulation Heaters
Over-the-side Immersion Heater
Over-the-side Immersion Heater

Storage Tank Heaters

Electric heaters have several advantages in storage tank applications due to the precise control of temperature and heat distribution required for liquid storage conditions. Electric heaters manage the precise temperature and heat distribution for liquid storage with a variety of standard designs as well as customized solutions for many various tank applications including open or closed tanks, outdoor or indoor installations, as well as underground tanks, pressure vessels, and many others. For every application it important to take into account temperatures, viscosity of the fluid, corrosive nature of the fluid, material flow, tank insulation, pipe tracing, and the overall operating conditions.

These applications can be managed with one or several of the following products:

  • Inline Circulation Heaters
  • Over-the-side Heaters
  • Flanged or Screw Plug Immersion Heaters (Steel and Stainless Steel)
  • Suction Heaters (Asphalt and Fuel Oil Applications)
  • Open Coil Elements installed into an NPS pipe
Screw Plug, Flanged & Over the Side Immersion Heaters
Screw Plug, Flanged & Over the Side Immersion Heaters
Tank Heating Systems Tank Heating Systems

Packaged Process Skids

Many process lines are built using a complete skidded framework with all associated components such as electric process heaters, SCR/thyristor and contactor power control systems, associated piping and spool pieces, valves, temperature measurement, sensors, instrumentation, PLC or DIN controllers, filtration, shell and tube heat exchangers, separators, and expansion or accumulator tanks.

Process Skids Process Skids

Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

These systems are custom designed configurations that are built to remove small amounts of moisture, liquid mist, and particulate contaminants. They also provide gas preheating and pressure reduction as required by the specific application.

Fuel Conditioning System Fuel Conditioning System

Process Radiant Heaters

Used when your industrial process calls for indirect heat such as drying, curing, welding, preheating, heat setting, solvent removal, freeze protection, melting, or other noncontact applications. Modular quartz heater or tubular heater assemblies can function individually or as a group. Let our team help design the best solution for your application in either electric or gas fired models.

Enclosure Heaters

Electric enclosure heaters are designed to help all different types of industrial equipment perform at top capacity by protecting them against low temperatures, condensation, and corrosion. There are many different ways enclosure heaters can cost effectively manage temperature inside an enclosure.

Enclosure Heaters Enclosure Heaters

Boilers & Steam Generators

Packaged electric steam and hot water boilers are safe and versatile heat sources that produce low or high-pressure steam or hot water for commercial and industrial processes and for comfort heating applications.

Custom Steam Super Heater Custom Steam Super Heater
Electric Steam & Hot Water Boilers Electric Steam & Hot Water Boilers

Heat Transfer Systems

Heat transfer systems are used in process heating applications requiring closely controlled process temperatures. Systems are furnished complete with heaters, controls, pumps, valves, and all necessary plumbing to provide direct and indirect process heating to temperatures up to 750°F. They can also include electrically heated vaporizers that are used to transfer heat through organic fluids at high temperatures and low pressures.

Heat Transfer Systems Heat Transfer Systems

Corrosion Resistant Air Heaters

Unit heaters are designed with materials proven to prevent corrosion, are fan forced, and can tolerate excessive moisture, from high humidity to full washdown.

Duct Heaters

Process air duct heaters are used for heating forced air in many industrial processes. Heater wattage is dependent upon air outlet temperature (up to 1200°F [650°C]) and air velocity. Each product is custom manufactured depending upon application and environmental requirements.

Duct Heaters Duct Heaters