Liberty Electric Products

Commercial LED Products

Liberty Electric Products represents an extensive range of lighting solutions from Nora, ASD, Atlas, and Halco. As businesses and industries increasingly transition to energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting, it is crucial to have access to reliable and high-quality products.

Explore our comprehensive collection of commercial LED lighting options, designed to meet the unique needs of various commercial spaces, including offices, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, and more. Let's dive into the remarkable offerings from Nora, ASD, Atlas, and Halco.

Comprehensive Range of Commercial LED Products Include:

This product offering covers a wide range of applications, ensuring that businesses find suitable lighting solutions for their specific needs.

  • LED Downlights: Ideal for general lighting in commercial spaces. They provide high-quality illumination, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance, making them a reliable choice for offices, lobbies, conference rooms, and retail spaces.
  • LED Track Lighting: With adjustable fixtures, dimming capabilities, and various beam spreads, these lighting solutions are perfect for galleries, showrooms, and retail displays.
  • LED High Bays and Low Bays: Cost-effective high bays and low bays provide powerful illumination for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and large commercial spaces. These fixtures offer energy efficiency, superior light output, and durability, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments.
  • LED Panels: LED panel lights deliver uniform and glare-free illumination, making them suitable for offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. These sleek fixtures provide an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • LED Tubes: LED tubes are a direct replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes, providing energy savings and superior performance. These tubes are available in different lengths, wattages, and color temperatures, making them suitable for office spaces, retail stores, and healthcare facilities.
  • LED Troffers: Troffers are ideal for commercial applications that require recessed lighting. These fixtures offer high-quality lighting, energy efficiency, and various options for color temperature and dimming capabilities, making them suitable for offices, schools, and retail spaces.
  • LED Wall Packs: Durable and weather-resistant, designed to illuminate building exteriors, parking areas, and walkways to enhance security and visibility while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • LED Floodlights: LED floodlights are designed to provide powerful illumination for outdoor areas, such as building facades, parking lots, and sports fields. These fixtures offer energy efficiency, excellent durability, and various beam angles, ensuring effective lighting and enhanced safety.
  • LED Canopy Lights: Ideal for lighting covered areas such as gas stations, loading docks, and drive-thru establishments. These fixtures provide uniform lighting, reduced energy consumption, and extended lifespans, ensuring cost savings and a safer environment.
  • LED Retrofit Lamps: Retrofit lamps are designed as energy-efficient replacements for traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps. These retrofit lamps provide long-lasting performance, exceptional light quality, and significant energy savings for various commercial environments.
  • LED Wall Sconces: Wall sconces combine style and functionality, providing elegant lighting solutions for corridors, lobbies, and hospitality spaces. These fixtures offer energy efficiency, durability, and diverse design options, enhancing the aesthetics and ambiance of commercial environments.
  • Lighting Poles: Atlas's outdoor lighting poles are specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. They are available in different heights, materials, and finishes to suit different applications and design preferences. Whether you need poles for parking lots, walkways, sports fields, or other outdoor areas, Atlas offers options that meet your specific requirements.
  • LED High Mast Sports Lighting: For large sports stadiums and arenas, LED high mast lighting solutions are designed to be mounted at high elevations, providing broad coverage and high lumen output. LED high mast lighting ensures uniform lighting distribution across the entire playing area, delivering optimal visibility for both players and spectators.

From Nora's versatile downlights to ASD's efficient panel lights, Atlas's durable outdoor fixtures, and Halco's retrofit lamps, these reputable manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of commercial LED lighting products. With their commitment to energy efficiency, performance, and innovation, Nora, ASD, Atlas, and Halco are trusted brands that cater to the diverse lighting needs of commercial spaces.