Liberty Electric Products

Temperature Controls, Panels, and Sensors

Liberty controls, panels, and sensors are all designed and specified to be state-of-the-art and sized to fit virtually any application or specification. From simple electromechanical devices such as bulb and capillary style thermostats, to multi-loop electronic temperature controls, to full blown SCR control panels, we have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing world-class control solutions.

Temperature Controls

From single-loop with one output to multi-loop with 9 outputs and microprocessor-based PID control, Liberty offers precisely the required level of simplicity or sophistication that your application needs.

Advanced models feature heating and/or cooling control modes, graphical/text LCD display, multiple alarm protection, programmable event outputs, customizable setup, enhanced profiling with data logging, and graphical trend recording..

Remote access is accomplished via Modbus RS-485 or Modbus TCP Ethernet.

Touch Screen Tempature Controls

Control Panels

Custom power control panels are available in many NEMA-type enclosures, for single- or three-phase load requirements, and in a variety of voltages, contactors, and SCR power controllers. SCR control panels integrate temperature controllers, over-temperature controllers, customer inputs, and SCR power control into a complete package. Liberty offers both standard package sizes and custom units for unique applications.

Temperature Sensors

Liberty Electric Products will work with you to specify the correct temperature sensors for any application to ensure precise and accurate temperature control of critical processes. We specialize in providing custom manufactured thermocouples and RTDs specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements, as well as providing a large stock inventory of thermocouples for immediate delivery. In addition, we stock a wide range of temperature sensing accessories.