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Replacement Fans & Motors

EC Fans & Drives is the industry leader in developing and manufacturing electronically commutated (EC) motors for the commercial refrigeration and HVAC markets. These flexible, highly efficient EC motors are one of a kind as they can have an operating range from 1 Watt to 30 Watts input.

For more specific data on each part number you can visit the EC Fans and Drives web site for data sheets and all of the other pertinent technical information.

Fans & Motors Part List

Below is a list a current parts that are in production and in service today with the pricing for replacement parts that we have in stock. Some of these parts have been replaced by newer versions and we can assist you in making sure that you have the correct replacement product for your model number.

Part Number Price
DA06025B12HA $99.30
DA09225B12UA $100.16
DA08015B12M $99.84
ECP103609F-A03 $164.04
ECD0278-A01 Assembly (I) $174.36
ECD0207-A02 ASSEMBLY (I) $175.85
ECP103609P-A01 $165.48
ECD0226-A01 $105.13
ECD0227-A01 $77.70
ECD0208-A01 $177.24
ECD0197-A01 $177.72
ECD0287-A01 $149.40
ECD0252-A01-310m 230V impeller $322.20
EC12038B00HT-X01 REV A01 $121.37
EC12038B00HL-01-A02 $147.79
EC17251B00ML-A02/H&K $140.66
ECP103609AL-01 $160.10
ECP103609B-A02 $163.08
ECY-01-U-120-1550-001-A01 $145.08
EXRi50-154R-S-2100-M01 REV A $142.92
EC12038B00HT-01-002 REV A01 $147.58
ECP103609B-A02 $163.08
ECP103709AA-A01 $164.76
EC12038B00HT-01 $146.50
ECD0286-A01 $175.26
ECD0283-A01 $157.94
ECD0196-A02 $186.36
ECD0262-A02 $173.64
ECD0279-A01 $186.36
ECD0301-A01 ASSEMBLY $153.82
ECD0302-A01 ASSEMBLY $165.37
ECD0303-A01 ASSEMBLY $154.30
EC12038B00HT-01 $146.50
EXRi50-172R-S-1850-M01 REV A $150.12
EXRi50-172R-S-2100-M01 REV A $150.12
EC12038B00HT-01 $146.50
EXRi50-154R-S-2100-M01 REV A $142.92
EXRi50-200R-S-1600-M02 REV A $151.08
ECD0258-A01 $175.85
ECD0245-A02 ASSEMBLY ( O ) $180.70
ECD0257-A01 $178.15
ECD0285-A05 $179.50
ECD0289-A01 $176.28
ECD0291-A01 $177.00
ECD0292-A01 $176.04
ECD0184-A02 230V assy $171.86
EXRi50-154R-B-2100-M02 REV A $193.80
EC12038B00HL-01-A03 $108.50
EC17251B00HL-A02 $147.77

These prices are FOB New Bedford, MA and you can request a formal quote with the current lead times.