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Fabric Ducts

Fabric ducts are an economical and efficient way to evenly distribute air to a room or a whole building. They are a popular choice in spaces with a high ceiling and an open duct design.

Fabric Duct
Fabric Duct

Posi-Flow Fabric Air Ducts offer a low first cost, aesthetically-pleasing alternative to sheet metal ducts. Posi-Flow systems quietly distribute air in warehouses, natatoriums, schools, supermarkets, and other indoor spaces and are flame resistant to NFPA-701 small scale ASTM E-84 Class A (Building Material).

Fabric Ducts Come in Many Different Materials

  • AP Series – Antimicrobial Polyester
  • CP Series – Coated Polyester
  • PE Series – Polyethylene
  • PV Series – Polyester Vinyl Coated
  • SF Series – Silicone Coated Fiberglass
  • XS Series – Anti-Static Polyester