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Comfort Electric Heaters

Electric comfort heaters provide efficient, economical heat for commercial and industrial applications. They apply safe, clean, fast heat and their heavy-duty construction affords long, dependable service.

Liberty Electric Products services the residential, commercial, and industrial markets with products that include baseboard heaters, wall heaters, garage heaters, unit heaters, infrared heaters, convectors, thermostats, and controls.

Architects and engineers are always looking for products that can help them exceed performance and efficiency targets for new buildings, as well as being competitively priced and reliable. Electric resistance heating is 100% energy efficient as all the incoming electric energy is converted to heat, helping buildings be more efficient which is important as more buildings are required to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

One of the more common uses of electric heating products in an existing structure is to complement your central heating source. We have several different products that are efficient and affordable ways to add heat to those rooms in a building that can’t be adequately serviced by the central heating system. Electric heaters are also easy to install and don’t require any external venting or duct work. With a wide variety of ranges and sizes, we can work with you to design the right solution, whether your top priority is energy efficiency, working with limited space, or looking for improved comfort.

See our complete line of heating products:

Baseboard Heaters

Our electric baseboard heaters are ideal for home or apartment construction, remodeling, or room additions. All baseboards feature easy installation and mounting options, with flush-to-wall or flat-on-the-floor versatility. Many of our hydronic baseboard heaters even have high-quality steel louvered grilles that direct heat out into the room. Dual and triple ratings allow many different models to cover 40 variations of wattage and voltage. These heaters are designed for quiet operation with no popping and pinging. Knockouts at each end and included lead wires allow quick field connection to either end of heater as well as continuous capillary tube safety thermal cutout protection in case of air flow blockage.

Qmark Portable Baseboard Heater

Residential Heaters

Portable Heaters

Our lineup of portable heaters delivers efficient heat with easy-to-control comfort settings and plenty of safety features.

Their rugged, durable construction makes them ideal for construction sites, garages, workshops and even under-the-desk heating for cold office spaces. These products include the safest under desk radiant plug in, fan-forced utility and unit heaters, portable convectors and baseboards.

Most come in ready to use 120V household plug, with a safety tip-over switch and overheat shut off.

Portable Radiant Heaters

Wall Heaters

With capacities from 2,000 to 4,800 watts, our fan-forced wall heaters deliver efficiency and perform powerfully across both residential and commercial applications. Built-in power on/off switch for added safety during maintenance and a manual reset thermal overheat protector disconnects power in the event of blockage. Automatic fan delay eliminates cold drafts on start-up and discharges residual heat from the heater body during shut down. Smart series models add energy efficiency with proportional heating that automatically adjusts wattage output, heavy duty die cast aluminum grille, and are BMS compatible so they can connect to building management systems for optimum control. Right out of the box installation is fast and convenient. Units fit recessed between standard studded walls with two-piece construction, and no ducting or plumbing is needed which means no heat loss before the heat enters the room and easy after the fact installation.

Wall Heater Installed in Living Room
Wall Heater Installed in Bedroom

Unit Heaters

These highly efficient electric heaters are strong enough to be used for primary heat and are versatile enough to be integrated with existing systems as a supplemental heating solution. Plenum-rated unit heaters are also available and can fit into tight spaces with zero clearance (between a finished ceiling and a drop ceiling, plenum space, or inside a plenum) to provide freeze protection where needed. These include both standard and custom cabinet heaters, garage heaters, industrial heaters (that are 240V and operate on the secondary of a factory-installed step-down power transformer on 480V and 600V heaters so a separate fan and motor control power source is not needed), and high temp electric blowers.

Garage Unit Heater
Cabinet Unit Heater

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HUHAA Pro Series Unit Heater

HUHAA Pro Series Unit Heater

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MUH Pro Series Unit Heater

MUH Pro Series Unit Heater

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Convection Heaters

Also known as convectors or convector heaters, these not only provide heat, but more importantly a draft barrier along windows to maintain a comfortable environment and prevent condensation buildup. Each application is custom-designed and manufactured to meet an exact specification, to customize space with wall-to-wall installation, or as discrete units in standard lengths of 2-10 feet. This collection includes sill-height convectors, decorative pedestal, slope top, institutional, and slimline. They blend into any décor with custom paint and anodizing and a full line of trim accessories including matching blank sections, end caps, filler sections, inside and outside corners, diagonal end sections, and splice plates.

Convection Heater in Hallway
Convection Heater in Dining Room

Radiant Heaters

Our radiant technology puts warmth right where you need it, heating people and objects, not the surrounding air. With no need for a fan or exhaust, infrared radiant heaters provide a safe, quiet heating alternative for many indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our infrared heaters are ideal for spot-heating in workshops, garages, and patios while our ceiling panels can be customized to fit any applications.

These products come in both electric and gas fired and range from small plug-in units to large BTU units that are mounted on high ceilings. Each application is different, and we have the right combination to design a solution for each one.

Radiant heaters at Met's Stadium
Radiant Heaters Installed

Washdown and Explosion-Proof Heaters

Washdown heaters are great for dirty/dusty environments, for food production applications where the ability to easily clean the heater is critical, and for applications that involve hazardous materials or equipment that needs to be washed or hosed often. Explosion-proof heaters are ideal for hazardous environments where the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dusts exist. These explosion-proof heaters operate with surface temps below the ignition temperature of the hazardous environment and are housed in appropriate enclosures.

Washdown Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater
Explosion Proof Heater

Ceiling Heaters

When wall and floor space is minimal, these heaters are mounted flat or recessed to the ceiling or a T-Bar.

They come in 208V and 240V models that can be field-converted from single- to three-phase operation, our 5,000-watt heater can be field-converted to 3,800 or 2,500 watts, and our 4,000-watt heater to 3,000 or 2,000 watts.

Smaller units are available from 500 (QCH1101 is field adjustable to 1/2 wattage) to 2000 watts (1706 to 6826 BTU/hr.)

Commercial Downflow Ceiling Heater

Duct Heaters

Duct heaters provide enhanced comfort and increased system efficiency by maintaining or accelerating warm air flowing throughout ductwork within a building, especially in areas furthest away from the main HVAC unit.

Finned tube and open coil styles are available and can be custom designed up to 1000 KW, in slip-in or flanged configurations, with galvanized steel frame and terminal box constructions.

All duct heaters are custom engineered to match a specific application. Optional construction features include recessed, dust-tight, or insulated terminal box and/or insulated flanges and protective screens.

Finned Tube Electric Duct Heater

If you are not sure how much you will need for your room or project, the chart below provides a good place to start to determine how many watts/sq. ft you may need.

Electric Heat Map