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Field Services for Heat Trace Applications

With our experience in process heating and commercial heat trace applications, Liberty Electric Products is an extension to your engineering and installation teams. This knowledge allows us to offer more effective heat trace system designs to create an ideal solution for a pipe trace, roof and gutter, or snow melting job. No two jobs are the same, and each one needs a heat trace or snow melting solution tailored to individual needs.

Our engineering and design heat trace services include:

  • Sizing
  • Product selection
  • System layout (including Isometric and layout drawings where needed)
  • Design and installation training for engineers and contractors (ensuring everything is installed properly)
  • Installation and commissioning services along with annual preventative maintenance contracts (ensuring the system will last a long time)

Field Services for Heat Trace Applications

There are multiple applications where heat tracing is needed but not well understood as there has been an increase in demand in the residential, commercial, and industrial sphere. Both cable and blanket type products are available along with all the controls and accessories needed for installation and operation.

Heat Trace System Sizing and Design

Engineering analysis and optimization starts with a well-detailed spec and with truly understanding what the customer is looking for in terms of real-world requirements. This presents a starting point and a baseline for the system design and sizing. With heat trace products, we are most often concerned with creating a job spec so that the quote is accurate for the contractor and end customer.

Onsite review and measuring for trace applications by our field sales personnel is recommended so that we can best understand the application and the challenges that will need to be overcome.

Heat Trace Audit for Winter Protection

Protect your plant or commercial building from costly down time and water damage caused by frozen pipes, instruments, roofs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, and vessels this winter. Liberty can conduct a complete heat trace audit and recommend the options for freeze protection and snow and ice prevention solutions for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

For existing systems, we can provide detailed reports on the condition of your electric heat tracing systems, which can help maintain your system to ensure trouble free operation and avoid major upgrades later.

Heat Trace Start up and Commissioning

At the point of start-up and commissioning, your team has much to facilitate. In the hands of Liberty technicians, you will save time and know that your product was installed correctly, ensuring proper optimization and increasing overall efficiency.

Start-up and commissioning include, but is not limited to:

  • Verification that the equipment supplied matches factory documentation.
  • Verification of proper installation and start up.
  • Confirmation that the heater is suitable for area classification.
  • Observe equipment during start-up for proper operation and customer process (if available).
  • Perform meg-ohm and resistance change on each circuit.
  • Review integrity of conduit connections and/or gland plates.
  • Check sensor connections, wiring, and terminal type.
  • Review controller programming and settings with site personnel.
  • Confirm that the supply voltage matches equipment specification.
  • Review operating instructions with site personnel.
  • Review that the power line sizing is sufficient for amperage.

Most importantly, our technicians will fill out all of the proper warranty paperwork that must be submitted to the manufacturer, which will ensure that you are never at risk of paying for costly repairs in the unlikely event that the heat trace should fail. This includes testing each circuit to ensure that the heat trace was not damaged during the installation of the product. Depending on contract splits, such as whether it is installed by a mechanical contractor and the branch circuit wiring is handled by an electrical contractor and then an insulation contractor or an asphalt contractor covers the product. This process creates many different opportunities for the product to become damaged.

Let Liberty Electric Products assure that your heat trace is installed correctly.

* Available in Upstate New York and New England only.

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