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Machine & Industrial Safety Products

From electronic safety components to physical machine guarding, we have the solutions you need to protect workers and remain compliant with industry regulations as safety technology is becoming increasingly important in automation products. Not only in working on complete systems but on working with industrial customers to improve their existing safety rating or helping update an older system to the latest technologies.

Liberty Electric Products represents the top machine safety manufacturers, including SICK, Bircher, Schmersal, Gefran, SATECH, Kraus & Naimer, Euchner, and Balluff, just to name a few. With a diverse selection of safety equipment and components, such as light curtains, safety sensors and switches, guard rails, fencing systems, safety PLCs, bumpers and mats, stop time analyzers, and safety relays, we are able to assist with large and small applications across many industries to help you comply with OSHA machine guarding requirements.

Our product line includes everything from electromechanical and electronic components to complex system solutions, which allows us to have experience in applications from reliable and precise positioning to components and systems for safety engineering. Pharmaceutical, chemical, injection molding, and food and beverage are just a few of the industries that we have experience in working with.

Along with products and service, we also offer risk assessment analysis along with many other information sources that are listed at the bottom of this page under our product section. Not sure what you need? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your application or make an on-site visit if necessary, to review your application.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Safety light curtains
  • Safety interlock switches, locks, and guards
  • Safety mats
  • Laser scanners that protect personnel and equipment
  • Two-hand controls
  • Safety relays
  • Presence sensing devices
  • E-stops
  • Physical guarding systems
  • And many others

Optoelectronic Protective Devices

These non-contact protective safety devices allow factories to provide reliable personal protection without giving away space for protective fence constructions, which provide strong anti-tamper protection. Because these products have a defined protected area with an infrared protection field, they are suitable for safety applications up to PLe/SIL3. These products include:

  • Laser scanner and safety camera systems
  • Single and multiple beam safety switches
  • Safety light barrier
  • For use in cold store, hygienic, and explosion-proof requirements
  • Safety light curtains
  • Outdoor safety systems
Optoelectronic Protective Devices

Safety Switches

Safety switches are primarily used to disconnect manufacturing equipment and heavy machinery from its power source in an emergency situation or when an unsafe condition is detected. In most instances, safety switches are a NEC (National Electrical Code) requirement, and these certified machine safety components meet equipment and personnel protection needs to ensure code compliance.

Non-Contact Switches

Ideal in applications where precise guidance of guards is difficult as they are extremely long-lasting devices that require minimal maintenance. In addition, they are resistant to shock and vibrations and offer a high level of prevention against tampering.

  • Magnetic, transponder, and inductive
  • Interlock switches with RFID technology
  • UL approved
  • Quick disconnect available
  • Coded magnetic sensors
Non Contact Switches

Electromechanical Safety Switches

Electromechanical safety switches monitor safety guards, safety gates, and other safeguarding equipment and are mostly used in safety applications where the safe protection and monitoring of movable separating protection devices must be ensured. These devices include:

  • Position switches
  • Locking devices
  • Hinge switches
  • Safety switches with separate actuators
  • Keyed interlock switches
  • CAM switches
  • Limit switches
Electromechanical Safety Switches

Safety Command & Signaling Devices

Safety command devices must be installed to ensure that when emergencies do occur, damage to personnel and machines can be avoided. They must be easy to reach, always available and functional, and should immediately initiate a safe state of the machine. Product families are:

  • Rope switches
  • Emergency stop pushbuttons (E-Stop)
  • Hazardous area devices
  • Dual pushbutton
  • Enabling switches
  • Illuminated signal pushbutton
  • Stack lights
  • Machine safety interlock switches
  • Pendant stations
Safety Command Devices

Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers

Safety Mats

Electronic pressure sensitive safety mats are used for safe activation and deactivation of machines, devices, and automatic doors when detecting people or objects within a defined area. In conjunction with the safety switching device, they form a certified system for safeguarding danger zones and protecting people.

  • Heavy-duty, four-wire presence sensing mats
  • Category 3 DIN rail mounted and NEMA controllers
  • Perimeter trim
  • PVC black or yellow covering materials (other colors available on request)
Safety Mats

Safety Edges & Bumpers

Electronic pressure sensitive safety mats are used for safe activation and deactivation of machines, devices, and automatic doors when detecting people or objects within a defined area. In conjunction with the safety switching device, they form a certified system for safeguarding danger zones and protecting people.

  • Pressure sensitive safety edges with end caps that offer immediate actuation
  • Available in lengths from 6 inches to 100 feet
  • Many different materials and colors available
  • Safety edges that operate from the top, side, or at an angle
  • 4-lead fail safe wiring available
  • Sealed and active corners on angles
  • Full range of controllers and accessories
Safety Edges and Bumpers

Safety Relays and Controls

Safety relays and controls are the easiest way for flexible and cost-effective machine integration of sensing devices. The wide range of safety solutions, from a single-channel emergency stop pushbutton to a safety laser scanner with PNP outputs, can be connected to safety relays as it takes over the electrical signals and switches the connected actuators reliably. They also provide a manual/automatic reset and monitor the relay`s integrated contacts along with controls the antivalence of the pushbuttons and monitors the maximum discrepancy time of 500 ms between both pushbuttons. Safety relay sand controls allows for plant operators to automate safety without worry of human decision making.

Safety controllers use monitoring logic, overvoltage/short-circuit protection, redundant relays, and positive guided contacts to provide a high level of fail-safe operation for applications requiring such protection.

Safety Relays

SATECH Guarding

Standard guarding systems are used in industrial plants and are made of high-density steel with upright posts and panel frame members are solid extruded for extra durability. Our unique design deters workers from climbing the fence by providing no toe holds, when panels are installed with the cross pieces inside the hazardous area. These systems are custom designed for each application because we collaborate on the design to meet the specific requirements of each customer as we generate 3D models and a full parts list.

SATECH Guarding Systems

The system utilizes patented captive fastening systems, in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, so that if a panel needs to be temporarily removed the fastening hardware will remain in place so pieces will not be lost. The custom designed solutions will include all of the necessary installation hardware including the accessories needed to finish off the system include access doors, kick plates, and cable duct supports.

Additional Resources

Machine safety is much more than just buying a sensor and placing it on a machine. It’s a facility-wide strategy that minimizes risk and protects people your greatest asset. Below is a list additional resources from some of our manufacturers that will help you deploy a solid strategy. As we have previously mentioned, we are always at the ready to come to your factory with our trained and certified experts to help in any situation.

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