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Heated Snow Melting Mats

While it is always preferable to have an imbedded snow melt system installed, that isn’t always possible. Heated snow melting mats can be placed on top of walkways and stairs and will melt snow on contact at a rate of 2” an hour to prevent snow and ice accumulation. These mats are manufactured using a very rugged thermoplastic material, which makes the mats portable (easy to move) and are durable enough to be left outside all winter long. The mats and stair treads are available in many standard sizes as well as custom sizes for unique applications.

A good rule of thumb when budgeting a cost for these types of products is $40 per square foot at 120V and $42 per square foot at 208V and 240V.

Industrial heat mats installed outside a business

Portable Electric Snow Melting Mats

Our snow melting mat is made of an electrically operated heating element laminated between two protective surfaces of flame retardant reinforced material. This makes it as durable as automobile tires and allows it to remain water resistant under even the harshest conditions. Along with being waterproof, the mats are also designed with a pattern to ensure that the mats don’t move once they are put in place and that the person walking in the mat will have extra traction.

The industrial mats are made to fit most electrical outlets, including standard 120V, 240V, or 208V outlets and they can be secured to the ground or roof by utilizing grommet holes located on the edges of each mat. Our electric snow melting mat comes with its own ELCI plug (equipment leakage circuit interrupter) and comes in standard widths of 24”, 36”, 48” and standard lengths of 5’, 10’, and 20’.

Industrial Walkway Mats

Electric Rubber Snow Melting Stair Treads

Snow melting stair treads are produced in a durable, flexible rubber to not only be able to melt snow and create safe passage up and down the stairs, but to also handle the wear and tear in heavily trafficked areas. In order to meet the specifics of each different staircase, the mats are built so that they can be daisy chained together to cover however many steps you need.

Each tread comes with grommet holes in every corner (and every three feet of length depending on the size) to allow you to secure them to each stair. Each stair tread also has watertight connector cables enabling it to be connected to additional stair treads as up to 13 amps can be connected on a single plug.

There are also a number of accessories available like power connection kits, cable extenders, thermostats, and other products so let us know more about your application and we will make sure that you have all of the necessary parts sent to you to do it right.

Heat Stair Mats