Liberty Electric Products

Industrial LED Lighting Products

Liberty Electric Products represents the extensive range of industrial LED lighting products offered by four leading manufacturers: Nora, ASD, Atlas, and Halco. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and energy efficiency, these brands offer solutions to meet the lighting needs of various industrial applications.

From high bay lights to floodlights, we provide a comprehensive selection of industrial-grade LED lighting fixtures designed to enhance productivity, safety, and cost savings. Explore our range of products below to find the perfect lighting solution for your industrial space.

We offer a diverse range of industrial LED lighting products designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

Product Lineup Includes:

  • High Bay Lights: Cost-effective high bay lights provide powerful illumination for high-ceiling industrial spaces. These fixtures are designed to deliver efficient and uniform lighting, ensuring optimal visibility and productivity.
  • Floodlights: Ideal for outdoor industrial applications, providing wide-angle illumination and enhanced security. These durable fixtures offer excellent weather resistance and reliable performance.
  • Wall Packs: Designed to provide robust lighting solutions for exterior industrial walls, enhanced visibility and security while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.
  • Vapor Tight Lights: Vapor tight lights are engineered to withstand dust, moisture, and water ingress, making them ideal for industrial environments that require protection against harsh elements.
  • Area Lights: Area lights are designed to illuminate large outdoor industrial spaces and offer wide coverage and high lumen output, ensuring safety and visibility.
  • Canopy Lights: Canopy lights are specifically designed for industrial canopies and covered outdoor spaces to provide efficient lighting solutions that enhance safety and visibility.
  • Linear Lights: Linear lights are ideal for industrial spaces that require continuous and uniform lighting. These fixtures offer high efficiency and are available in various lengths and color temperatures.

When it comes to industrial LED lighting, Nora, ASD, Atlas, and Halco offer an extensive range of high-quality and energy-efficient solutions. From high bay lights to floodlights, wall packs to canopy lights, these manufacturers provide products that meet the unique requirements of industrial environments.

By choosing their industrial LED lighting fixtures, you can enhance productivity, improve safety, and achieve significant energy savings in your industrial space. Explore our website further to find the perfect lighting solution from these trusted brands and transform your industrial environment with reliable and efficient illumination.