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Lightning Protection Products

Lightning protection products from Harger deliver complete protection against lightning risk, safeguard critical equipment along with transient overvoltage protection with an effective, low resistance route from lightning protection system to earth. These lightning protection systems from Harger have a proven history of protecting against physical danger to people, structural damage to buildings, and failure of internal systems and equipment.

Harger - Lightning Protection Products

Harger will work with you on your project from start to finish, beginning with proper design, and continuing through quality installation practices, ones that are ensured by providing quality training to contractors through Harger University and must include inspection and certification.

U.S. Standards for Lightning Protection

The U.S. standards for lightning protection systems include NFPA 780, UL 96 & 96A, and LPI 175. These are based on the fundamental principle of providing a reasonably direct, low-resistance, low-impedance metallic path for lightning current to follow and making provisions to prevent destruction, fire, damage, death or injury as the current flows from the roof levels to below grade.

There are 5 elements that need to be in place to provide an effective lightning protection system:

  1. Strike termination devices must be suitable to accept direct lightning attachment and patterned to accept strikes before they reach insulated building materials. Harger manufacturers air terminals in many different styles and alloys.

  2. Cable conductors route lightning current over and through the construction, without damage, between strike terminations at the top and the grounding electrode system at the bottom. Harger offers the largest selection of U.S.-made connectors in the industry.

  3. The below grade grounding electrode system must efficiently move the lightning to its final destination away from the structure and its contents.

  4. Bonding or the interconnection of the lightning protection system to other internal grounded metallic systems must be accommodated to eliminate the opportunity for lightning to sideflash internally. Harger was the first to obtain UL 467 listing on a copper busbar.

  5. Surge protection devices must be installed at every service entrance and in front of key equipment circuits to stop the intrusion of lightning from utility lines, and further equalize potential between grounded systems during lightning events. Liberty Electric Products represents the Eaton Surge and Power Quality products which gives us the experience to specify the correct surge device for your application.

Harger’s Industry Leading Product Line

Lightning Protection Products

  • Conductors, Air Terminals, & Bases
  • Connectors & Fittings
  • Thru Assemblies and Accessories
Lightning Protection Products - Conductors and Accessories
Lightning Protection Products - Conductors and Fittings
Lightning Protection Products - Air Terminals
Lightning Protection Products - Air Terminal Bases
Lightning Protection Products - Thru Roof Assemblies

Grounding and Bonding Products

  • Grounding & Bonding Conductors
  • Mechanical Grounding Connectors
  • Buss Bars, Ground Bars, and Bonding Straps
  • Compression Connectors and Ground Electrodes
  • Ceiling/Wall Mount Arrestors
  • Entry Panels
Grounding and Bonding Products - Conductors
Grounding and Bonding Products - Mechanical Grouding Connectors
Grounding and Bonding Products - Compression Connections
Grounding and Bonding Products - Ground Electrodes and Accessories
Grounding and Bonding Products - Fasteners
Grounding and Bonding Products - Busbars and Accessories
Grounding and Bonding Products - Bonding Straps and Kits
Grounding and Bonding Products - Grounding Bars and Accessories
Grounding and Bonding Products - Ceiling/Wall Mount Arrestor Brackets
Grounding and Bonding Products - Entry Panels

Exothermic Products

  • Exothermic Molds, Tools, and Weld Metal
  • Mold Handles and Accessories
  • Ultrashot Controllers
  • UNI-SHOT and LOsmoke System
Exothermic Products - Molds
Exothermic Products - Ultrashot Controllers
Exothermic Products - UltraShot Weld Metal
Exothermic Products - Tools
Exothermic Products - Accessories
Exothermic Products - Mold Handles and Accessories
Exothermic Products - UltraShot UniShot System
Exothermic Products - Low Smoke System
Exothermic Products - Mold Care

Harger University

Without proper installation and inspection lightning protection systems will not do their intended function. Through Harger University, they provide in-person and live virtual training to our contractor partners and the IBEW to ensure that they have all the tools and knowledge to design and install these systems correctly.

Harger's Lightning Protection Installation Class is an approved continuing education course in the electrical field by several states.

Please contact us today to set up a training.