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Air Curtains

Air curtains effectively prevent heating or air conditioning from escaping through open doors. They provide sizeable energy savings, increased personal comfort, and insect control when applied in commercial, industrial, or food service settings.

We catalog over 400 different configurations of air curtains and have models designed for both customer and service entryways. These are perfect for grocery stores, offices, retail locations, convenience stores, and warehouses, just to name a few.

Each individual application is different and can have a variety of solutions depending upon the application and the budget associated with the project. Fill out our request a quote form and one of our sales engineers will reach out to you, or even arrange a site visit if necessary.

If you are still not convinced of the ROI on your project, and you can enter all of your parameters into an Air Curtain Energy Savings Calculator to see how much you can save.

Architectural Air Curtains

Chosen by designers who are concerned with both aesthetics and protecting the intent of the space when the door is open, these low-profile air curtains can be surface-mounted above the door or recessed into the ceiling. Used at building entrances to enhance or replace a vestibule to save energy and maintain temperature.

These products come in many different sizes and finishes along with having AMCA certified ambient, electric, steam, or hot water heated models that will meet IECC building code which allows AMCA certified air curtains as an alternative to vestibules.

This product family can be used with mounting heights to 16′ (environmental separation) and 14′ (insect control) and comes factory installed with a digital programmable controller that has many preset programs for the user to choose from.

Architectural Air Curtain in Grocery Store

It even comes with an app that lets you program and monitor your air curtains from a smartphone.

Commercial Air Curtains

We offer commercial air curtains in a simple design that delivers high performance. They are available in single lengths from 3′ to 10′, white or black powder-coated exterior, custom colors, or stainless steel (Grade 304 or better). There are also AMCA certified ambient and electric heated models available.

Air curtains come with a factory installed “mount anywhere” bracket system that allows for the easiest installation in the industry as the unit comes to the customer’s site fully assembled.

Our QSR drive-thru unit is available in single lengths from 18” to 26” and provides protection from insects as well as helping maintain constant temperatures in a quick service restaurant.

Commercial Air Curtain over Entrance

Commercial Air Curtain over Entrance

Food Service Air Curtains

Air doors or air curtains are innovative devices widely used in various applications, including food service environments. They are designed to create an invisible barrier of high-velocity air that separates two distinct spaces while allowing easy passage for people and goods. In food service applications, air doors offer numerous benefits that contribute to a more efficient, comfortable, and hygienic environment.

Common Models & Their Activation Switches

  Application Mounting Location Voltage
(Specify One Voltage)
Berner Air Curtain Series Unit Activation
Berner Air Curtain Series SLC07
Same Price: Black or White Finish
Service Door (Back of the House) Indoor / Outdoor 120/208/240/1 SLC07
Sanitation Certified Low Profile 7

8.50” H x 8.50” D cabinet

Example: 36" wide opening, 120/1, black finish, model SLC07-1036AA-BK
NEMA 1 Plunger Door Switch: Part # 9503SD020-P
Plunger Door Switch Mounting Bracket: Part # 66ADS000DMB
Berner Air Curtain Series SHD07
Same Price: Black or White Finish
Service Door (Back of the House) Indoor / Outdoor 120/208/240/1 SHD07
Sanitation Certified High Performance 7

14.09” H x 14.53” D cabinet

Example: 48" wide opening, 120/1, white finish, model SHD07-1048AA
NEMA 1 Plunger Door Switch:
Part # 9503SD020-P
Maximum (2) 3/4 HP Motors (36" to 84" lengths)

Plunger Door Switch Mounting Bracket: Part # 66ADS000DMB
Berner Air Curtain Series CLC08
Same Price: Black or White Finish
Walk-In Cooler Indoor Only 120/208/240/1 CLC08
Commercial Low Profile 8 (2-Speed)

8.50” H x 13.50” D cabinet

Example: 36" wide opening, 120/1, white finish, model CLC08-1036AA
Basic Control Package 24V:
Part # 91STR120-BA-M-24
(Transformer & Magnetic Reed Switch)
Berner Air Curtain Series PE06
Same Price: Black or White Finish
"Pass-Thru Opening(Max. 6’ Opening Height)" Indoor / Outdoor 120/208/240/1 PE06
Pass-Thru Unit 6 (Variable Speed)

8.50” H x 8.50” D cabinet

Example: 96" wide opening, 208/1, white finish, model PE06-C-2096AB
Remote Mounted Rheostat Variable Speed Switch
Indoor Mounting Only

1-Motor 120/1: Part #33V006S-DS-AK
1-2 Motors 120/1: Part #33V015S-SS-AK
1-2 Motors 208-240/1: Part #33V005S-DS-BK
Berner Air Curtain Series IDC12 Open Air Dining / Outdoor Patio Indoor / Outdoor 120/208/240/1208/240/480/600/3 IDC12
Industrial Direct Drive 12

15.00” H x 18.00” D cabinet
Control Panel w/ 24V Control
(Indoor Mounting Only)
Heavy Duty Magnetic Reed Door Switch: Part # 9503MRS1F2-SS-HD

Sanitation Certified Air Curtains

Available in single lengths up to 10′, EPH Listed to ANSI/NSF-37, and suitable for outdoor mounting. Single-speed, high-performance, and chosen by restaurants and kitchen designers who are concerned with meeting food service standards, health department requirements, and their own criteria for flying insect control inside their place of business.

These air curtains are most typically used in employee entrances, kitchen doorways, and above overhead doors that are opened to the outside in restaurant seating areas.

Sanitation Certified Air Curtain Black

Sanitation Certified Air Curtain

Industrial Air Curtains

These durable, all welded construction products can be used on bigger applications with mounting heights of 30′ (environmental separation) and 28′ (insect control) and can be up to 16’ long. Typically used in loading dock or bay doors, where these applications face unique challenges based upon the sheer number and size of the openings being covered.

Industrial air curtains not only improve the energy efficiency of a building, they make for a better working environment as they also limit insects, dust, and fumes from entering the work space.

High Velocity Industrial Air Curtains

Electrically Heated Air Curtains

Hazardous Location Air Curtains

Used by petrochemical manufacturing plants, bus garages, and pharmaceutical plants to keep interior temperatures stable and flying insects out when the doors are open, hazardous location air curtains are engineered to perform in extreme conditions. Designed and manufactured to comply with ANSI/NFPA-70 National Electrical Code (NEC) for Electrical Equipment: Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups C and D for gases, and Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups F and G for dust. These products are commonly used in areas where dust or flammable gases may create a hazardous situation by keeping temperatures stable.

Hazardous Location Air Curtain

Hazardous Location Air Curtain

Air Entrance Systems

Custom air entrance systems, built into the entrance, provide a recirculating air seal through concealed ductwork, effectively creating a barrier between indoor and outdoor temperature conditions. Open access, safety, and energy efficiency are created out of air — while doors stay open, welcoming people and allowing them to enter freely.

Architectural Recessed Entrance

Door Heaters

Door heaters are used to temper cold air that rushes through open doors by mixing it with high-velocity heated air. This helps the indoor temperature to be more comfortable, keeping both customers and employees happy.

Engineered for versatility, the door heater can be mounted at any angle between horizontal and vertical to satisfy most applications. All heaters are factory assembled and shipped ready for connection to electric power and natural gas supplies.

Continuing Education

To learn more about air curtains, take the free AEC Daily continuing education course online: “Air Curtains: Energy Savings & Occupant Comfort.

This is an approved AIA course (1.0 LU/HSW hour), and it also qualifies for GBCI, RCEP and many other organizations’ continuing education requirements.