Liberty Electric Products

Our Mission

We are a value and engineering-driven organization dedicated to providing our customers and distributors with trusted sales support and technical expertise.

We Strive To...

  • Partner with manufacturers that are the leaders in their respective industries.
  • Retain professional salespeople and position them close to our customers.
  • Establish ongoing relationships with end users and contractors after the sale to ensure satisfaction.
  • Work closely with specifying engineers, architects, contractors, distributors, and end users to ensure that our principal products get maximum exposure.
  • Provide on-site services for our customers to ensure that each job is quoted correctly and that the customer specification is accurately documented.
  • Proactively manage construction project targeting and tracking.
  • Work with purchasing personnel and commodity management to ensure optimum "total delivered price" before placing orders.
  • Perform on-site training for all of our customers to ensure that they are up to speed on all of the latest technology and application requirements.