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Ice and Snow Melt Solutions for Contractors, Engineers & Architects

As a professional located in the Northeast, you are constantly addressing ice and snow-related building issues for your customers as they rely on you to provide the safest, most effective solutions for their property. But, what you may not know is that there is a simple and readily available ice melt solution to meet all of your customers’ building needs. As your partner, Liberty Electric Products designs, manufactures, and distributes a comprehensive line of effective and easy-to-install snow and ice melt systems custom specified for each application. The effectiveness of operation and the cost effectiveness of the installation of every electric snow and ice melt system starts at the design level. As a contractor, engineer, or architect you can’t be an expert in every field which is why we are here to help. Liberty Electric Products has over 35 years of experience in all of the products and services listed below.

Design and Documentation Service

The reasons that your customers need electric snow melting systems can vary but the most common needs are maintaining critical continuous access, avoiding slip-and-fall related injuries, lowering maintenance costs, and in some instances electric or hydronic snow melting systems are even required by state or local municipal code. Many municipal codes have snow storage requirements based upon the parking lot surface area meaning that certain areas of the parking lot are dedicated to snow storage for snow removal during major storms which can result in a loss of numerous potential parking spaces for paying customers.

The basic design parameters for a typical snow-melt system are based on the overall reaction time of the system as defined by ASHRAE as Types I, II, and III. These classifications cover the differences between allowing a little accumulation of snow to allowing no accumulation of snow. The ASHRAE guidelines also cover actual loads per square foot based on inches of snowfall per hour, temperature of the snow, density of the snow, wind loading in miles per hour, and lowest ambient temperature of operation in the region that you are located. Using the ASHRAE standard we can design and specify the system needed to meet the code requirements along with identifying the electrical service requirements and providing our customers with drawings and a completed BOM. Along with the system design, it is also critical for us to share with our partners the power requirements to manage any system so that the added power requirements can be designed into the project to minimize cost over runs.

High Peaks Landscape Project
National Grid Heating Mats

Design Guides and Installation Instructions:

Heat Trace - Heated Roof Panel Systems

There are many different types of extruded aluminum roof panel systems that include heat trace which can be designed for a more aesthetically pleasing look to the ice and snow melt protection. Liberty Electric Products can design and provide systems for under or over roof shingles, eaves and valleys, metal roof systems, and even slate and copper roof systems.

Shingle/Metal/EPDM Roof Heat Trace

Roof heat trace cables (sometime installed in a zig zag pattern) are the most cost-effective option to prevent snow and ice damage for both residential and commercial buildings with roof overhangs. We can design a customized self-regulating heat cable system based on the size and complexity of the roof design which includes eaves, valleys, and downspouts. These systems are the easiest to install, have the longest useful life, can be cut to length on site or pre-fabricated prior to arrival on the job site, and are safe for use on all type of rain gutters.

Zig-ag pattern on aluminum roof

Flat Roof Drain Heating Systems

Efficiently remove ice or snow buildup even on flat roofs. We can design these heat trace systems to manage snow accumulation or snow drifts in trouble spots or critical areas, create a drainage path for melted snow to enter drains or flow off the roof, or keep paths clear for access to critical equipment for maintenance access.

Concrete Snow Melt Systems

There are 2 types of electrically heated concrete systems available for snow and ice protection:

  1. MI heating cables are capable of producing the high wattages required for snow melting as they can provide up to 60 watts per square foot, more than twice that of other cables. Therefore, less cable is required, reducing overall system cost. MI systems are designed and provided in pre-manufactured lengths so that the system is ready to be installed when it arrives based upon the drawing that we provide as part of our service.
  2. Self-Regulating and constant watt heating cable can be installed using bulk cable or pre-fabricated mats that can be laid down prior to the concrete being poured. Pre-fabricated mats can dramatically reduce installation costs.

Get more information on our Concrete Snow Melting Systems.

Walkway Heating Mats

Commercial and residential heated snow-melting mats melt snow on contact to prevent snow and ice accumulation on walkways, roofs, and stairs as they plug into any standard 120V, 208V or 240V electrical outlet. Made of durable thermoplastic material, the mats are portable and are designed to be left outside all winter long to reduce the risk of accidents and the need to shovel snow.

External Pipe Heating

Our comprehensive external pipe heating systems ensure that all fluid delivery systems are always ice-free and operational.

Fire Sprinkler System Freeze Protection

Systems must be designed to operate and protect buried supply pipes, fire standpipes, branch lines and branch lines containing sprinklers when run in areas subject to freezing such as in open parking garages and other structures. Understanding of the UL certifications for the control and management of these fire protection systems is the key to a successful system.

Grease Waste Pipe Flow Maintenance

Grease waste pipe flow systems must be designed to maintain a temperature to keep the Fat, Oil, Grease mixture (FOG) in suspension from the kitchen to the grease catch basin to reduce maintenance costs and down-time.

Specifying all the Controls and Sensors for the System

One of the most complex parts of any electric snow and ice melt system is identifying the control package needed to effectively monitor and manage the operation of the system. Understanding how to automatically sense moisture or snow combined with low temperatures is more than just adding a control to the BOM. Whether it is an all in one sensor/control, a group of slab sensors (making sure they are placed properly), aerial sensors, understanding the correct number of circuits to use in a panel, or how to best manage the power output, Liberty has the experience to make sure the job is specified correctly.

Start-up, Repair and Training Team

Given the high importance and cost of a custom ice and snowmelt system we provide the services to make absolutely sure that yours is in good working condition. We not only know the manufacturers specifications, we also understand the state and local regulations as we’ve been designing, specifying and maintaining top-quality systems for decades. We provide everything from:

  • Start Up Commissioning – Onsite service to make sure that the system is working properly prior to pouring concrete or covering the product with roofing.
  • Repair and Troubleshooting – Onsite services on everything from controller malfunctions, sensor repair, and testing entire systems to troubleshooting problems.
  • Installation Training – Because these systems are not easily accessible, it is critical that they are installed properly the first time and can provide onsite training or group sessions.
  • Design and Specification Seminars – Understanding all of the different options available is the key to good design and our technical team regularly conducts lunch and learns to help the specifying community get their jobs right.

Installation Videos

Danfoss - How to Install Under Floor Heating
Danfoss - How to Install Under Floor Heating
Chromalox - UPC with SR Cable
Chromalox - UPC with SR Cable
Chromalox - UMC with CWM Cable - Splice and Tee
Chromalox - UMC with CWM Cable - Splice and Tee
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Surface Snow Melting Form

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