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Controls & Accessories

Liberty Electric Products offers engineered solutions and standard control products for both industrial and commercial applications. We offer controls such as thermostats, controllers, or custom controls/distribution panels that can be utilized in ordinary or hazardous locations to meet your most demanding heat trace application needs.

Heat Trace Thermostats

Floor Warming

We have a wide selection of wall or flush mounted digital thermostats, from single room to intelligent thermostats that can be operated from a handheld application.

Roof & Gutter Heat Trace

We have several different thermostats designed to control heat-tracing systems used in roof and gutter deicing applications. These thermostats usually have a fixed set point between 35 - 40°F, are combined with an ambient temperature sensor (with sensor in air), and have a moisture/snow sensor placed in the gutter.

Snow Melting Heat Trace

We will typically use an automatic snow and ice melting control system that utilizes sensors that can reliably detect snow and ice in pavement applications. Strategically positioned sensors detect falling or blowing precipitation before snow or ice begins to form, allowing the control to begin operating the system when it detects precipitation at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C). This ensures that the system is signaled only if moisture occurs below this temperature, saving energy and ensuring thorough snow and ice melting.

Typically, an electromechanical bulb and capillary thermostat is used in these applications.

Floor Warming Themrostat

Digital Heat Trace Controller

Thermostats are used for maintaining proper viscosity and flow in a piping system where heat trace is used for freeze protection or process temperature applications.

Digital Heat Trace Controller

Heat Trace Controllers

Roof/Gutter and snow melting control systems feature multiple sensor capability, ground-fault protection with adjustable trip levels, and adjustable heater hold-on timers.

These standard controllers range from 1 circuit to 10, depending upon the application of the heat trace. Many of our systems will require a hold-on timer which continues heater operation for up to 10 hours after snow stops to ensure complete melting.

An optional remote-control unit can be located where system operation can be easily monitored. The calibrated 40°F to 90°F (4°C to 32°C) high limit thermostat prevents excessive temperatures when using constant wattage and MI heaters and it can include a relay closure interface for use with building management systems (BMS).

Heat Trace Controller

Custom Control Panels for Heat Trace Applications

For large applications with many circuits that need to be controlled, we will develop a custom dedicated power-distribution, control, ground-fault protection, monitoring, and alarm panel for accurately and efficiently controlling heat tracing applications. This enclosure contains an assembled circuit breaker panel board. The control package contained in this panel allows the system to operate automatically in conjunction with many different sensors to ensure that the system is on when you need it - and only when you need it.


Liberty Electric Products will design your system and provide a complete BOM of accessories and components that simplifies installation and increases safety and reliability. Our accessories include connection kits, tape rolls, end seals, mounting brackets, pipe straps, labels, roof clips, power connection kits, and every other component required for a smooth operation of your heat tracing system.

Snow Sensor

Snow Sensors

Power Connection Kit

Power Connection Kit

UL Listsed Roof Clip

UL Listed Roof Clip

The following is a partial list of all the accessories that we offer:

  • Attachment Tapes & Labels
  • Pipe Straps
  • Junction Boxes
  • Power Connection Kits
  • Water-resistant End Seals
  • Straight or T Splices
  • Junction Boxes
  • Roof Clips & Downspout Hangers
  • Monitoring Lights
  • Stainless Steel/Galvanized Strapping
  • Snow Melting Sensors
  • Mounting Brackets
  • GFI Cord Sets
  • Temperature Sensors