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Residential Lighting Products

Liberty Electric Products is your premier source for residential lighting solutions as we proudly represent several leading manufacturers known for their innovative and high-quality residential lighting products. As an electrical contractor, you understand the importance of reliable and efficient lighting solutions for residential projects.

Discover our extensive range of products designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of homes while meeting the needs of your clients.

Product Categories

Recessed Lighting

  • LED Retrofit Kits: Upgrade outdated incandescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED technology with retrofit kits. These kits provide a simple and cost-effective solution for converting existing recessed lighting to LED, offering long-lasting performance and significant energy savings.
  • Trimless Fixtures: Achieve a clean, seamless look with trimless recessed fixtures. These innovative designs blend harmoniously with the ceiling, providing a modern and minimalist aesthetic that appeals to homeowners with discerning tastes.
  • Adjustable Trims: Recessed adjustable trims allow you to direct the light precisely where it's needed. Perfect for highlighting specific areas or creating focused task lighting, these versatile trims offer flexibility and customization for residential projects.

Ceiling Lights

  • Chandeliers: A diverse selection of chandeliers, ranging from contemporary to traditional styles. These statement-making fixtures create a focal point in any room and provide ambient lighting that enhances the overall atmosphere.
  • Flush Mounts: Flush mount fixtures feature sleek and compact designs, perfect for rooms with low ceilings or spaces where a minimalist aesthetic is desired. These fixtures seamlessly blend with the ceiling while providing ample illumination.
  • Pendants: These hanging fixtures are available in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to add visual interest and focused lighting to kitchens, dining areas, or entryways.

Wall Lights

  • Sconces: Versatile fixtures suitable for a wide range of residential applications. With options for both indoor and outdoor use, these fixtures provide functional and decorative lighting solutions that complement any design scheme.
  • Vanity Lights: Designed specifically for bathrooms, our vanity lights offer optimal illumination for grooming tasks while enhancing the aesthetics of the space. Choose from modern or traditional styles to meet the preferences of your clients.
  • Picture Lights: Illuminate artwork and photographs with precision and elegance using picture lights.

Under Cabinet Lighting

  • LED Light Bars: Ideal for illuminating kitchen countertops and workspace areas. These slim and discreet fixtures offer task lighting and enhance visibility while consuming minimal energy.
  • Puck Lights: For confined spaces or accent lighting, our puck lights are the perfect solution. These small, round fixtures can be installed discreetly under cabinets, providing focused and adjustable illumination for various residential applications.
  • Tape Lights: These flexible strips can be installed in tight spaces or along cabinet edges, creating an indirect and visually appealing lighting effect.

Track Lighting

  • Track Heads: Wide range of track heads that can be easily mounted on their compatible track systems. These track heads come in various styles, finishes, and beam spreads, allowing you to direct and adjust the light.
  • Track Fixtures: These fixtures are available in different sizes and designs, including adjustable and fixed options, to accommodate various lighting applications.
  • Track Systems: Track systems that serve as the backbone of track lighting solutions. These systems consist of tracks, connectors, and accessories that enable easy installation and configuration. You can choose from different track lengths, finishes, and mounting options to create a customized lighting layout.
  • Adaptors: Are available so that these fixtures are compatible with Juno and Halo Tracks.

Outdoor Lighting

  • Floodlights: Energy-efficient floodlights that provide ample illumination for outdoor spaces and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for highlighting landscaping features or enhancing security around the property.
  • Outdoor Post Lights: Illuminate pathways, driveways, and garden areas as these are available in various heights and designs, including traditional lantern styles and modern sleek options, adding both safety and style to residential outdoor settings.
  • Deck and Step Lights: Designed to be mounted flush into surfaces and provide low-level illumination to guide footsteps and enhance the overall outdoor experience.
  • Outdoor Wall Sconces: Wall sconces come in various finishes and designs, including contemporary and traditional options, allowing homeowners to enhance their outdoor spaces while providing reliable lighting.
  • Landscape Lighting: From spotlights to well lights and in-ground, these products offer versatility and customizable lighting effects.
  • Outdoor Ceiling Lights: Enhance covered patios, porches, or entryways with outdoor ceiling lights that provide functional lighting while adding a touch of style to residential outdoor areas.

All our residential lighting product manufacturers are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, reliability, and durability. As an electrical contractor, you can trust that our lighting solutions will meet the highest standards and withstand the test of time.