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Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Electric floor heating systems that utilize electric heat trace products are perfectly suited for the demanding application needs of homeowners and building developers. Our electric floor warming products are an affordable, cost-effective heating solution and can be used either as stand-alone heating or as a supplement to an existing heating system in many different applications.

Warmup - The best underfloor heating - guaranteed

Whether it is for a kitchen, bathroom, covered porch, entryway, commercial restroom, or other application, these solutions provide the most uniform temperature across any room along with the lowest installation costs of any competing products. We can design a system that is a perfect match for your project from the Warmup underfloor heating product range, and you can rest assured that it is the best possible floor heating system in the market as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the design and supply of floor-heating systems, we provide a “one-stop” service, offering design and supply solutions for your individual radiant floor warming needs. Whether you are interested in underfloor radiant heating for a brand-new building or as a renovation/addition to an existing home, you can be confident in our quality, tailor-made designs. Don’t be fooled. It is always best to work with a professional to design the right system as the installation will end up costing less and the system will then be guaranteed to operate as advertised.

Features & Benefits of Floor Heating Systems

  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Maintenance-free
  • No ducts, radiators, or vents
  • Hidden from view and does not take up valuable space
  • Provides even heat distribution for the greatest thermal comfort
  • No air movement which helps prevent accumulation of dust particles
  • Silent and safe
  • Adds value to your home
  • Approved to UL standards
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • No moving parts
  • Low build height allows for minimal floor height build up
  • No rusting in environments like commercial restrooms and entryways

Electric Radiant Floor Heat Mat Systems

Electric floor heating mats are a proven technology that is safe, reliable, and energy-efficient. Our unique dual fastening adhesive system saves 70% on installation time. The mats are safety approved for wet locations, have a single-point connection with two-conductor cable, and with the heating cable pre-applied onto the fiberglass mesh you can be assured that you get even heat every time it is turned on. The standard mats come in both 120V and 240V, starting at 10 sq. ft of coverage area all the way up to 145 sq. ft on one mat. Both 120-volt and 240-volt mats offer the same efficiency but 240V is recommended for larger areas to cut down the amperage draw allowing you to fit more space on a single thermostat.

For many applications, we can design a plan utilizing a combination of mats depending on the size and shape of your room in order to get the most effective coverage. The mats can be rolled out quickly across the floors reducing installation time by 35%, and the ultra-thin heating cable is double insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer core making it incredibly durable.

Electric Radiant Floor Heat Mat Systems

All our under-floor heat mat systems are UL approved, meeting the highest safety standards for ultimate peace of mind.

Foil Heaters for Laminate and Engineered Wood Floors

The foil heater product by Warmup is an ultra-thin electric radiant floor heating system designed for use under laminate, carpet, engineered wood, and other floating floors. It can be installed under the floor finish in dry areas without the need for additional earth grids as the foil panels are only 1/8” thick and hardly raise floor levels as they sink into the pad or insulation layer. Simple to install, the foil heater delivers a consistent heat distribution, but it must be installed on top of a suitable soft insulation. This is necessary to prevent the heater from being damaged when the weight of furniture and people on the floor are added.

Improved savings can be achieved by using Insulated Underlay (WIU) underneath the heater as this reduces the heat-up time by at least 50%. Warmup® Insulated Underlay is a thin insulation barrier that reflects heat upwards, making the underfloor heating system more efficient and effective. It also reduces contact noise. The foil backing also acts as an effective moisture barrier.

Foil Heaters for Laminate and engineered Wood floors

Electric Underfloor Heating Foil

Electric Radiant Floor Heat Cable Systems

In new construction applications, we typically recommend that you let us design the perfect system using electric heating cable since it is the most cost-effective way to design and install a custom system.

As part of our service, we will design and provide a customized installation plan. Our team will work with each application to ensure that it is installed correctly, that the heat is evenly spread over the room, that areas around obstacles (toilets, sinks, showers) can be heated, and that all the correct accessories are specified to do the job right.

The cable comes in 120V or 240V, in spools up to 5,000 ft, and the cable thickness is easily covered in thin-set mortar to allow for a one-step tile or stone installation.

DCM Pro Cable

Ultralight™ Under Floor Insulation Boards

As a rule, under floor insulation boards always improve the efficiency of your underfloor heating system by allowing a quicker heat up time, as no heat is getting wasted by going away from the floor surface.

The Warmup Ultralight™ Insulation Boards do not let the heat pass through from the heater to the subfloor which means all the heat gets pushed upwards onto the floor surface where you want the heat to go. The rapid thermal response promoted by the PEF insulation and diffusion layer allows the flooring to heat up faster, resulting in a more energy-efficient and comfortable heated floor.

Warmup Ultralight Insulation Boards

Response Time Improvement Ultralight Graph

Membrane System to Protect Against Sub-Floor Movement

The DCM-PRO Uncoupling System for electric underfloor heating combines the heating cable and the anti-fracture membrane, available in fleece-backed or peel-and-stick options. It is the only UL-approved membrane system in North America. Due to load-bearing weight and structural subfloor movement, floor finishes can get damaged, and tiles are especially prone to cracking. The DCM-PRO Membrane’s innovative uncoupling design results in significant protection for tiled flooring by creating a new layer between the subfloor and the floor finish.

DCM Pro Sheet Installation

DCM Pro Membrane System

Electric Floor Heating Thermostats

4iE Smart Programmable Thermostat

The 4iE® is quite simply the smartest line voltage thermostat on the market. We designed it so you wouldn’t have to use it. It can program itself using your smartphone location and the occasional override. The WiFi capability also allows you to vary your settings by zone. But don’t worry: your 4iE® will recommend the best setting for each room based on usage.

At Warmup, we designed the 4iE® to allow you to zone your heating, set different comfort levels, and be able to manage all these zones from the MyHeating app or web portal. Not only is radiant heating the most comfortable source of heat, it can now be the most affordable one as well.

4iE Smart Programmable Thermostat

Tempo Programmable Thermostat

Suitable with all Warmup underfloor heating systems, the Tempo thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your underfloor heating system, to bring comfort, warmth, and luxury to your home.

The Tempo was designed with simple features and accessible interface. The Tempo provides all the efficient programming features you require, at a very competitive price.

Tempo Programmable Thermostat

Electric Radiant Heating vs. Fan-Forced Fossil Fuel Systems

Electric radiant floor heating systems are generally considered more energy efficient compared to fan-forced fossil fuel systems. They can heat the floor directly, providing a consistent and uniform heat distribution. This reduces the need for a large heating system and results in lower energy consumption. The systems are also highly efficient, with little energy lost during the heating process.

On the other hand, fan-forced fossil fuel systems rely on a furnace or boiler to heat the air, which is then distributed throughout the home or building using a system of ducts and vents. These systems are less efficient than electric radiant floor heating systems, as a significant amount of heat is lost during the transfer of heat from the furnace to the ducts and vents. Additionally, the use of fossil fuels, such as oil or natural gas, results in the emission of greenhouse gases and contributes to air pollution.

In terms of overall energy efficiency, electric radiant floor heating systems have a higher efficiency rating compared to fan-forced fossil fuel systems. This means that electric radiant floor heating systems use less energy to produce the same amount of heat, leading to lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact. And while the upfront cost of installing a fan-forced heating system may be lower, the operating costs can be higher compared to electric radiant floor heating systems. This is due to the lower efficiency of fan-forced heating systems and the need for ongoing maintenance and repair.

The installation cost of electric radiant floor heating systems and fan-forced heating systems can vary greatly based on several factors and the exact energy efficiency of each system will depend on various factors, such as the quality of the system, the insulation of the home or building, and the local climate. So, while electric radiant floor heating systems tend to be more expensive to install, they offer a more energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solution over the long term compared to fan-forced heating systems.

Safety Net Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with another heater of the same make and model for free. No one else in the industry offers this level of service to their customers.

Safety Net Installation Guarantee