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PDH Course - Industrial Heat Trace

Minimizing The Risk of Costly Downtime

Industrial facilities are becoming more aware of the annual energy consumption within their plant and are seeking ways to increase efficiency within their processes using smart heat tracing designs.

The traditional use of industrial heat trace is managing the industrial processes for the winter season and the inevitable cold weather that causes havoc to your facility.

In this webinar, we will provide some insights on how smart electrical heat tracing systems can help you better manage your industrial process while minimizing the risk of costly downtime and loss of production when it matters most. Note that this is a NYS PDH-accredited course.

PDH Course - Industrial Heat Trace

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PDH Course - Industrial Heat Trace Recording

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Webinar Agenda:

  • Types of heat trace cable - How each cable works and advantages/disadvantages
    • Self-Regulating
    • Constant Watt
    • Mineral Insulated (MI)
  • Industrial Applications
    • Process Temperature Maintenance
    • Freeze Protection
  • Controls
    • Single Circuit
    • Contactor-Relay Panels
    • Breaker-integrated panels
  • System Designing
    • Determining the Right Cable
    • Power Distribution and Control Location
    • Cable On Pipe Installation Tips

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