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Stratification is caused by hot air rising to the ceiling or roof space because it is lighter than the surrounding cooler air. Destratification gathers the trapped warmer air and redirects it strategically to where it is needed in order to reduce the temperature differential from floor to ceiling. In a stratified building, temperature differentials of up to 34°F (1.5°C) per vertical foot are common and the higher a building's ceiling, the more extreme these temperature differentials can be. The most effective and easiest to install technologies to address these temperature differentials are destratification fans, including both axial destratification fans and HVLS fans.

Destratification Fan Installed
Open Ceiling Destratification Fan Installed

The Advantages of Using Destratification Fans

  • Cut your energy costs by more than 25%
  • Extend the life of HVAC equipment
  • Maintain dry floors for accident prevention
  • Redistribute air to create comfort for employees and customers
  • Reduce hot and cold spots
  • Eliminate fogging and sweating doors
  • Prevent mold and mildew build-up
Thermal imaging before and after Air-Row Fans

Every application is unique and in order to design the best solution for each, we need to know details about what you are trying to accomplish. Fill out a quote request and set up a site visit so we can help you develop a proper solution.

Open Ceiling Fans

All models of the open ceiling fans feature a standalone axial destratification fan powered by highly energy efficient EC Fans and Drives, LLC motors. These fans are built to be suspended just below ceiling height in your building and the speed which the fan is set is dependent upon how high up the fans are located. This series is suitable for buildings with a ceiling height of up to 40’ as they push air down in a column no wider than 2’ to 3’ without a spread that interferes with people below. The square fans are common in warehouse applications, while the round fans were developed in answer to customer demand for a more sophisticated retail aesthetic.

Features and Options:

  • EC Motor: Air-Row fan products come standard with an electronically controlled motor, multi-speed programmable, thermally protected, and an on/off switch.

  • Durable Aluminum: Air-Row fans are created of durable metal for long-life and exceptional performance years after installation.

  • Speed Control/BAS Interface: Air-Row fans may be grouped in multiple and tied to a controlled, integrated circuit to interface with building management systems.

  • Easy Field Serviceability: Air-Row fan products are field serviceable, with easy access for maintenance and repair.

  • Color Matching: Air-Row fans may be color matched to conform to store environments and logos or artwork may be attached at the factory when supplied by the customer.

Drop-In/Suspended Ceiling Products

Flush mount ceiling designed destratification fans are built to be dropped into a traditional grid or suspended ceiling. The fan is completely self-contained (no duct attachments) and fits into standard 2x2 ceiling grid systems. These fans push trapped air to the floor which evens temperatures building-wide and provides additional air circulation as well as cooling or heat recovery.

Cost Effective Solutions to Improving Indoor Air Quality

The air around us is filled with particles of dust, dander, pollen, and smoke, as well as gases and vapors that emit from building materials and mold. Indoor air could be much more harmful than the worst outdoor air. This is significant in that most of us spend more time indoors than out. In fact, 96% of buildings surveyed recently by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had indoor air quality issues. Of these, 86% had high levels of dust, pollen, viruses, and other pollutants. The air in 71% had potentially harmful chemicals and gases.

The Solution to Your Indoor Air Quality

The solution from Air-Row Fans is a 3-step approach that involves ventilation, purification, and filtration.

  1. Ventilation: The installation of Air-Row fans provides an immediate change to air quality. Air-Row fans for open or grid ceilings capture the air that is already there – including stale air trapped at the ceiling – and treat it and circulate it for a change at least once every hour.
  2. Purification: Air-Row Fans can now be equipped with a Bi-Polar Ionization Cartridge that improves air quality even further and targets impurities in the air and sends them to the floor. Nearly all particulates, gases and vapors are captured and neutralized, sending dust, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to the floor.
  3. Filtration (and added purification): Air-Row recommends two effective tools at the air exchanger – a filter with at least a MERV-13 rating, and a UV-PCO (ultra-violet photocatalytic) bulb. Bulbs should only be used within the air exchanger where they can be shielded from sight. As rays are dangerous to human view, bulbs used in fans are discouraged.

What is Air Ionization?

Clean air is achieved with an electrical balance of positive and negative ions. An ion is a molecule or atom that is positively or negatively charged, meaning it must either gain or relinquish electrons to become neutral. Since air quality contaminants are positively charged particles, when these contaminants are exposed to negative ions, they are neutralized electrically.

Bi-Polar Ionization is the process that happens when an air ionizer or ion generator releases negative ions into the air to attach to these positive ion contaminants. These bonded molecules then have an increased weight that forces them to fall to the ground. Air is purified as a result, sending all the unwanted particles down to the surface to be cleaned, disinfected, and eliminated.

Air ionization is a safe process, producing no ozone. The cartridges are low maintenance, easy-to-install, and energy efficient, as they consume very little power. They are highly effective on pollutants such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, odors, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in carpet, upholstery, and building products.

According to numerous scientific studies, ionization is the best method to ensure a healthy indoor air quality for human occupancy.

Independent Laboratory Testing

The AR-Clean is an advanced Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization device that carriers two precise brush emitters made from carbon fiber that supplies an ion count of 49.8 Million ions/cm3 @ 115V. With the help of our 630+ CFM producing axial destratification fans, our BPI units can help clean and neutralize areas up to 1,200 square feet per application.

Negative ionization has been tested by independent, accredited laboratories to determine its effectiveness. Below are the results, listing the incubation period and the rate of reduction of specific pathogens tested. Tests were conducted by EMSL Analytical, a platinum-rated lab used by The Center for Disease Control.

  • Norovirus - 93.5% after 30 minutes of activation
  • Human Coronavirus 229E - 90% after 60 minutes of activation
  • Legionella - 99.7% after 30 minutes of activation
  • Clostridium Difficile - 86.8% after 30 minutes of activation
  • Tuberculosis - 69% after 60 minutes of activation
  • MRSA - 96.2% after 30 minutes if activation
  • Staph - 96% after 15 minutes activation
  • E. coli - 96.2% after 30 minutes of activation
  • Airborne Mold - 99.5%, per tests by the Indoor Environment Tests Organization

Download Air-Row Fans Spec Sheets

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IAQ Indoor Air Quality

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Bi-Polar Ionization Fans

Bi-Polar Ionization Fans

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Model F-18R Fan Specifications For Open Rafter Ceilings

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Model F-18 Fan Specifications for Open Rafter Ceilings

Model F-18 Fan Specifications For Open Rafter Ceilings

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