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Infrared Commercial Snow Melting Heaters

Infrared heaters are ideal for snow removal solution for entrances and walkways around commercial buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, government facilities, and any installation that requires efficient, 24/7 snow removal as these electric quartz lamp and gas infrared heaters instantaneously provides radiant heat to melt snow without raising the temperature of the intervening air space. These units can be mounted directly onto a building or overhang or mounted on a self-standing pole and combined with a sensor that detects and measures moisture and temperature. This allows the system to turn on automatically when temperatures drop to a certain level or if it detects moisture.

One of the challenges when selecting an electric radiant infrared heater is that it must utilize a quartz lamp element (not a quartz tube or metal sheath) when used for a snow melting application. When used correctly, you can virtually eliminate labor costs for snow removal in these areas for many years. The infrared fixture requires no more maintenance than would a fluorescent fixture, and with the infrared approach, there is no refreeze of pavement, and this extends the life of the pavement.

Snow and ice buildup around your building's entrance can be a major issue for building owners, as slip and fall accidents account for 15 percent of all accidental deaths and more than 8 million hospital emergency room visits per year in the U.S.

Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to calculate for the correct heat output, which will vary by application. This will allow us to provide you with the overall wattage and number of heaters needed for melting of your snow covered areas because every area is different and the parameters you must use to calculate for the correct heat output will vary from application to application.

Some of Our Common Models for Snow Melting

FRP/FRS Series - Infrared Heater

For outdoor snow melting, choose these painted steel infrared heaters that provide excellent spot heating or total comfort that is unaffected by drafts. Two- and three-element design provides concentrated heating capacity in single infrared radiant heater that comes in both stainless and galvanized steel. Heavy-gauge gold anodized reflectors offer a wide selection of beam patterns with a high-quality finish and steel internal sheet metal parts that provides excellent service under most operating conditions, including coastal salt air and most industrial atmospheres. 24", 33", and 46" units that come in 3 different element types that can provide anywhere from 1,700W all the way up to 10,950W.

FRP FRS Series Infrared Heater

FRP FRS Series Infrared Heater Reflective Angle

Chromalox Chroma Star

The Chromalox ChromaStar infrared heaters are designed to provide a rugged source of heat for use in areas where dependence on air movement is impractical. The heaters are versatile and designed to provide warmth directly where it is needed for primary or spot heating applications. Each unit is constructed for long life and requires minimal maintenance. There are no moving parts or motors to wear out and no air filters or lubrication required.

Chromalox Chroma Star Heater

Chromalox Chroma Star Heater

SRP Habanero High Intensity Gas Tube Infrared

The Habanero 40,000 BTU Outdoor Patio Heater is a 2-stage patio heater with a sleek, compact body that satisfies the industry's demand for a higher intensity heater with lower clearances marketplace. The ceramic face can be directed straight down (horizontal) or up to 30 degrees to tactically target heat energy to chairs, tables, walkways, bars, waiting areas, valet zones, and more as it can be mounted on a wall, post, or ceiling heights 8' to 16'. It is available in 33" and 48" lengths, with input ranges from 15,000 BTU/hr to 50,000 BTU/hr in either 316 marine grade stainless or 304 stainless and black finishes.

SRP Habanero High Intensity Gas Tube Infrared Heater

Need Controls For Your Infrared Heater?

We offer a wide range of controls that offer the flexibility and functionality to best meet the needs of any residential or commercial property application. The convenience to adjust heating intensity, optional timer functions, and maximize energy efficiency as well as creating multiple heating zones with one or more heaters on each zone.

For larger jobs, we will custom build relay panels in our UL 508 panel shop to meet your application requirements, and every panel is tested to align with our quality standards before leaving our factory.

Learn more about our infrared heater controls.