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Heavy Duty Gas Tube Infrared Heaters

Gas tube infrared systems combust gas within the tube, creating heat that is partly projected towards the ground, and partly reflected into the shield, which is then redirected towards the ground. Gas tube infrareds can heat small or large areas and high ceiling applications more effectively than forced air systems and are a popular choice regarding costs and the potential amperage limitations of electric infrared systems.

Infrared heaters have several advantages over other heating options, including:

  • No air movement, no dust getting circulated.
  • Heat objects from the ground up, reducing air stratification.
  • Quiet; with electric radiant there are no moving parts.
  • Comfort recovery is faster in areas where doors are opened frequently.
  • Based upon the reflector system a heater can reflect virtually 100% of the energy away from the emitter tube.

Types of Gas Tube Infrared Heater Products

Two Stage Infrared

High-efficiency, two-stage infrared tube heaters deliver exceptional performance with thermal efficiencies up to 93% (HHV gross) through the use polypropylene flue. In addition, the canopied reflector system provides the highest radiant output in the market.

Two Stage Gas Tube Infrared Heater

Modulating infrared tube heaters available in 80, 115, 150, and 200 MBTUs ratings. Fully automatic or manual control of burner modulation these units are self-regulating, with no fixed points so they can adapt to the demand regardless of conditions.

Single-Stage Infrared

These single-stage, low-intensity gas fired infrared heaters are designed for low ceiling applications with an industry leading top clearance of only 2 inches! Common applications include animal confinement, hallways, and service counters.

Single Stage Infrared Heater

High-Intensity Gas Tube Infrared

The Series S high-intensity heaters offer a wide range of direct, cost-effective heat for cold spots with burners rates from 30,000 to 160,000 BTUs. The reliable, direct spark, or millivolt ignition combined with rigid, heavy duty construction is top of the industry.

High Intensity Gas Tube Infrared Heating

Luxury Gas Tube Infrared

This is a sleek, modern, fully enclosed heating solution to properly and safely heat the outdoors. There are two stage tube heaters, wind resistant up to 12 mph, from 40,000 to 100,000 BTU/hr. and are effective for ceiling heights from 9’ to 16" only requiring a 4" clearance.

Luxury Gas Tube Infrared Heater

Applications for Gas Tube Infrared Heaters:

  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Conference Centers
  • Enclosed Walkways
  • Retail Stores
  • Vehicle Service Centers
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Hotels
  • Sports Facilities
  • Agricultural
  • Workshops
  • And many others…

Need Controls For Your Infrared Heater?

We offer a wide range of controls that offer the flexibility and functionality to best meet the needs of any residential or commercial property application. The convenience to adjust heating intensity, optional timer functions, and maximize energy efficiency as well as creating multiple heating zones with one or more heaters on each zone.

For larger jobs, we will custom build relay panels in our UL 508 panel shop to meet your application requirements, and every panel is tested to align with our quality standards before leaving our factory.

Learn more about our infrared heater controls.