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MaxLite C-Max Lighting Controls

C-Max Basic vs. C-Max Network


Installing controls can be a daunting task, complex commissioning, and expensive. C-Max makes it simple, versatile, and future pending. It features a patent-pending plug-and-play design that makes it easy to add Luminaire Level Lighting Control (LLLC) solution across a broad set of MaxLite controls ready for indoor and outdoor product families.

As a two-tier control offering, customers can choose between C-Max Basic and C-Max Network depending on budget and application needs. MaxLite has made it simpler than ever for your projects of all sizes.

In this webinar, along with the product engineers at MaxLite, they will review which C-Max control is right for you.

Maxlite C-Max Lighting Controls

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Maxlite C-Max Lighting Controls Webinar Recording

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Webinar Agenda:

  • What is C-Max
  • C-Max Basic vs. Network
  • How much energy can I save with C-Max?
  • What are the benefits of C-Max?

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