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ACS Pre-Fab from AFC Cable Systems

Save time and labor with metallic and non-metallic pre-fab electrical assemblies!

ACS Unifab Division of AFC Cable Systems

The device assemblies from ACS/Uni-Fab™ have the industry‚Äôs broadest scope of products with easy installation that saves money and time and eliminates errors associated with repetitive tasks.

All products are built in accordance with UL® and installed per NEC requirements. ACS/Uni-Fab™ assemblies include products for branch circuit power systems and standard device assemblies.

Pre-fab system takes out the guess work on how much material to purchase for a job. A fully engineered system will provide pre-measured lengths of cable already connected to the boxes and kitted by room. Reduce onsite waste, installation, and labor time on a job.

ACS Pre-Fab from AFC Cable Systems

In this webinar with Mike Medeiros, Northeast Regional Sales Manager for ACS Unifab Division of AFC Cable Systems, to help customers better understand how and where to use pre-fab services to make an electrical job more profitable.

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ACS Pre-Fab from AFC Cable Systems Webinar Recording

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ACS Pre-Fab from AFC Cable Systems Slide Deck

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Webinar Agenda:

  • Advantages of a pre-fab wiring solution
  • Underfloor pre-fab Systems and their advantages
  • Process (Quote to Shipment)
  • Measuring the savings
  • Model for a successful install

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